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Julia Lieblich is an award-winning journalist and author specializing in human rights and religion. A former religion writer for the Chicago Tribune and the Associated Press, her news and feature stories and op-eds have appeared in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post,The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, The Plain Dealer, The Nation, Time, Life, Ms., Fortune, American Health, American Photo, Harvard Business Review, Harvard Divinity Bulletin and Agni literary review.


Lieblich's first book, Sisters: Lives of Devotion and Defiance, about how obedient nuns evolved into radical sisters, stemmed from a cover story she wrote for The New York Times Magazine.


Her latest book, Wounded I Am More Awake: Finding Meaning After Terror, co-authored with Esad Boskailo, tells the story of a Bosnian concentration camp survivor who becomes a psychiatrist in the United States helping survivors heal from the trauma of war.


Lieblich earned a master's degree in theological studies at Harvard Divinity School with an emphasis on social justice. Later, as a research fellow at Northwestern Law School’s Center for International Human Rights, she traveled to Afghanistan and Sierra Leone to write about survivors of war trauma. 


In 2016, she was a Visiting Writer at the Center for Mesoamerican Studies in Antigua, Guatemala, where she had access to the war archives. Today, she is a Fellow at University of Southern California's Center for Religion and Civic Culture, a Scholar-in-Residence at the Newberry Library and an Ochberg Fellow at Columbia University’s Dart Center for journalists who cover trauma.