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Books and Journals

Wounded I Am More Awake: Finding Meaning After Terror

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Wounded I Am More Awake, co-authored with Esad Boskailo, follows the story of a doctor who survives six concentration camps in Bosnia and emerges with powerful new lessons for healing in an age of genocide. This gripping account raises questions for healers, survivors, and readers striving to understand the reality of war and the aftermath of terror.


Sisters: Lives of Devotion and Defiance

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Sisters is a compelling portrait of nuns in the United States today, their rich history and evolving vocation. Julia Lieblich focuses on the lives of four of the Catholic Church's most progressive sisters. Through their stories we come to understand some of the strongest voices of devotion and defiance in the Roman Catholic Church today. The power of Sisters resides in the storytelling, in the gradual unfolding of these lives of faith.


Pieces of Bone in Agni literary review

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Julia Lieblich tells the story of a North American nun who endures unspeakable acts of torture in Guatemala only to be questioned by U.S. officials about the veracity of her account. Lieblich spent two years interviewing human rights experts, a former CIA analyst, the U.S. ambassador and numerous others and examining hundreds of pages of declassified State Department documents. The material ultimately supports Ortiz's testimony of terror and reveals an attempt by U.S. officials to discredit her.